April 7, 2012

My wife Brandi and I are spending some time together out of town before I start a project at work that will consume most of my time for the next few weeks.  The kids, Mason (11) and Isabella (16 mos), are at my parents house for the weekend.  Early on that Saturday morning, we get a phone call that Mason is not feeling very good.  He was jumping on the bed and playing with his little sister just a few minutes ago.  Now he is dizzy and nauseated.  Brandi tells them to call 911.  The last thing Mason says to his mother is “Momma, I’m scared….”

We got dressed and jumped in the truck for the 75 mile drive to the hospital.  We kept in contact with Mom & Dad getting updates as often as we could.  Life Flight had been called in and they were going to transport him to Texas Children’s Hospital just as soon as they could get him stabilized.  One hour after we got the phone call, we meet up at the ER.  Doctors and Nurses are frantically working to save my precious son.  CPR is being performed by several individuals, all taking their turn, not wanting to give up.  After we were there for about 30 minutes, the doctor called it.  He stopped the CPR, brought in the all too familiar echo machine, and showed us a very still, lifeless heart.

It was 09:10………


Captain Obvious

I started this blog after the passing of Mason (obviously).  So take note that even though these dates are before he passed, I actually just recently wrote them.  They are intended to be a little history to our story.