10 Years Ago

Ten years ago today, it was raining in Houston.  I remember that day well.

The Ultimate Gift

I never thought about Mason NOT being here.  Of course I always knew that anything could happen, but deep in my heart, I thought everything would be fine.  We would have our trials and tribulations.  We’d spend more time in the hospital.  We’d get the kidney transplant (eventually).  We’d get the next heart transplant.

Mason faced so many obstacles in his short life.  He overcame them all.  I was convinced that he was destined for something great.  Look at how fast he recovered from the transplant.  7 days.  7 days after transplant, we left the hospital for RMD House.  7 days after that, we went home.  We went HOME, 14 days post transplant.  Amazing.

For the last several years, Mason has been on minimal medication.  His numbers and test scores looked good every time we went in for blood work.  He barely even needed the meds at all.  Every time we would leave a doctor appointment with a good report, my heart would just soar.  Again, I was convinced that he was destined for something great.

But, it was not to be.  My thoughts that he would grow up to be something special were trashed.  How could someone who was doing so good, just die?  In an instant, he was gone.

I am grateful for the time we had with him.  I cherish every single day Mason was with us.  But that does little to ease the pain.  Why did he have to go?  What lesson are we to learn from this.  There is no fucking silver lining to this situation.  What possible good could come from this.  None.

Today would be 10 years post transplant.  Another shitty anniversary.


2 thoughts on “10 Years Ago

  1. You’ve been through so many ups and downs over these years. So much fear and worry and relief, only to have it all end so suddenly and tragically. I’m so sorry. There is no way to put any positive spin on any of it. I’ll never understand why any of us have to suffer so horribly.

    • It really makes no sense. I have tried to rationalize it in my head, but there is no rational reason.

      No one should have to endure this kind of heartbreak and pain.

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