2 Years Out

Anniversaries. Some are good, some not so much.

Yesterday, April 7, we were 2 years out. I didn’t really have any expectations for where I would be in this journey of life without Mason. While I know things will get better, I know they will never be right. That being said, I’m not expecting an improvement. I’m not holding my breath for it.

This has all been very taxing for me, to say the least. It takes a lot of my strength. While I try to concentrate on Brandi, Isabella and Jackson, Mason is always in the back of my mind. Wishing he was here to see all of this.

I’ve really wanted to keep this blog going. I read other blogs written by people who have lost a child. Some are like me in that they quit after a year or two; just nothing new to write about. Then there are others who seem to write almost every day. I wish I had that capacity to do that. I just can’t come up with anything new. I guess for a while, the entries will be sporadic.


4 thoughts on “2 Years Out

  1. Then write a paragraph. Keep posting because you’re little bit counts out here in cyber space. Your words are being read, and they make a difference. These words you’ve written two years out… I though of Mason.

  2. I have something I want you to have from Have a Heart for Mason. I’m in the process of moving but I would love to see y’all again soon. Are you still in Pasadena area? Maybe we could meet for lunch in Mid may? God bless y’all Stephanie siegner

    • We’d love to get together for lunch. We’re not in the Pasadena area any more, but we’re always s traveling through there. Let me know whenever a good time is.

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