5 years.  I can’t say it’s any easier, it’s just different.  Isabella says she misses him although she was only 16 months when he passed away.  Jackson follows with “I miss him, too”, and he wasn’t born for another year and a half.  Crazy kid, but it’s that kind of stuff that just wrenches at me.

This ride really sucks.


2 thoughts on “WOW

  1. Hi Kevin – I have a clear memory of standing in my backyard at five months, reflecting what it would be like at five years. When five years came, it was unbelievable that the time had passed so quickly – yet also so slowly. Interestingly, it was between year 5 and year 6 that I seemed to turn a corner into acceptance. Finally, something seemed to click that Keith is simply gone… and there is not a damn thing I can do about it! Some of it had to do with my daughter’s wedding, a firm sign that life continues to move forward and can be filled with joy and grief in the same space. I wish I could say the intensity of that acceptance is my everyday existence. There are times when I revert to very dark places, but it is simply different. One thing that has not changed in my view… the ride will always suck without my son here.

    Even though he isn’t here, you are FOREVER Mason’s Dad, and that certainly doesn’t suck. Hang in there.


  2. Well said Tim. And Kevin. Short rides our sweet kids had, but Wow didn’t they live loud and full tilt? I’m so proud of him. Some pretty sad shit has gone down in my life, on this ride of mine, but it is my ride, and it’s precious, and in his memory I’m going to give it my best shot. Maybe he’ll be so proud of me.

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